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Established in 1999 by two life–long aviation enthusiasts and pilots, Ridge Aviation offer the most advanced and affordable all metal 450KG Microlight, 600KG LSA and 600KG RTC aircraft on the Irish market today.

Our range includes the class leading Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar SL 450KG Microlight and the new RTC Sportstar (now EASA approved) which sports a modern design, outstanding flight characteristics and extremely low operating costs compared to conventional training aircraft which make the Sportstar RTC the Number 1 Choice for PPL/ JAR FCL training in flight schools. This family of aircraft have over 1100 models flying in over 40 countries worldwide.

Latest demonstration models are always available to appraise at our facility.
All our aircraft are equipped as standard with the ultra-reliable and fuel efficient 4 stroke ROTAX 912 UL/ULS family of engines .

Woodcomp propellers
Ridge Aviation are Irish Distributors for the excellent range of Woodcomp composite propellers. Propellers are available for all popular Microlight, LSA and powered Paragliders. We always have the popular Klassic 160/3/R + 170/3/R ground adjustable propellers for immediate delivery. Because Ridge Aviation operate from a low cost base we can offer our customers the best prices available for the in–flight adjustable SR3000 and VARIA propellers with a quick 10 day delivery anywhere in Europe. Blade protective covers, Carbon brush and brush holders, leading edge propeller tape and colour co-ordinated/nickel plated nose cones and back-plates in stock. Rapid Mail order available! Again all our aircraft are supplied as standard with Woodcomp Propellers.

To keep down-time to a minimum we have a large stock of fast moving Evektor-Aerotechnik Eurostar/Sportstar spares including service kits, various hardware, oils and fluids, brake pads, brake calipers, brake discs, wheel bearings, exhaust springs, locking fuel filler caps, canopy latches, landing lights, PTT switches, tyres and tubes, to name a few . Call us with your requirements! Rapid Mail order available!

Thiesen Electronics GmbH
Ridge Aviation are the Irish distributors of Thiesen Electronics LED Anti Collision Aircraft lights. Technology moves on and Thiesen developed the newest generation LED lights that are able to boost brightness by 50% and at the same time reduce power demands on the electrical system. These quality German made lights are completely water resistant and all electronics are completly integrated - no black box or other items are needed therefore reducing weight! Superior German quality, style and performance at a seriously competitive price!
Call or fly in to see us for a practical demonstration.

Ridge Aviation are Irish distributors for Goldfren Ceramic Carbon and Sintered Metal brake pads for Light aircraft. Exceptional stopping power, with ceramic carbon/sintered metal technology, and at a superb price. German TUV approved. We stock brake pads for all popular light aircraft operating in Ireland and UK. See application page or call us for further details. Rapid Mail order available!

Shell Sport Plus Oil 4 Stroke Oil Filter 912ULS Plug DCPR8E

Large stock of popular Rotax consumables always available including service kits, Aeroshell oil, oil filters, crush washers, fuel filters, K&N air cleaner kits, NGK Spark plugs, Heat transfer paste, exhaust springs, etc…
Large stock of popular Jabiru consumables always available including service kits, Aeroshell oil, oil filters, fuel filters, distributor caps, rotor arms, NGK Spark plugs, etc…
Tyres and Inner tubes for Eurostar, Sportstar, Sportcruiser and many other models in stock. Call us with your specific requirements.

Shell Aviation
Aeroshell 80. W80, W100 Plus, W15w-50 (Jabiru), SportPlus-4 (Rotax 912), and SportPlus-2 (2 stroke) engine oil in stock.
Suppliers of Aero Piston engine oils, Turbine oil, hydraulic fluid and aircraft grease products for Aviation

ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Formula
We also stock ACF-50, Anti-Corrosion Formula, which is a state of the art, anti-corrosion/lubricant compound, that has been specifically designed for the Aero Space Industry. ACF-50 is ideal for Microlight and Permit type aircraft operating in Ireland’s harsh climatic conditions and is also ideal for protecting your aircraft if stored over the winter months! Excellent for motorcycles + cars too!!
Approved by Cessna - Enstrom - Hillier - Pilatus – Robinson


Krasna Hardwood Replica Aircraft
Krasna Hand crafted hardwood Replica Aircraft Looking for an exclusive aviation gift? Then take a look at our unique handcrafted hardwood replica aircraft.
Our range of replica aircraft are 100% handcrafted in Europe from the finest hardwoods and are not to be confused with cheaper, mass produced products from the Far-East! These models make beautiful gifts and are an ideal conversational piece in the home or office!

Krasna Hand Crafted Hardwood Replica Aircraft

Same day mail order available or call (00353 (0)87 2375959)/fly/collect at our airfield! (see airfield data page)

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